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Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

Fischer Veterinary Hospital

We envision a future when more pets are saved and more families are able to cherish them.

Ocean Pet Caring Foundation (OPCF) partners with the following agencies to subsidize medical treatment, boarding and other veterinary services:

The Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters, Inc.
New Beginnings
Feline Friends, Inc.
Ocean County Veterinary Hospital (OCVH)

Recent Success Stories:

The Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters, Inc.
Pearl, a 2-year-old female mixed-breed dog, was brought to Ocean County Veterinary Hospital (OCVH) in November 2011 with multiple lacerations after being hit by a car in Manchester, NJ. The most severe laceration required surgical repair under anesthesia and was performed by our veterinarians at OCVH. Her wounds required bandaging of both front legs that needed to be changed daily for about two weeks. Pearl was given medication to control her pain and prevent infection. She also received K-Laser therapy to help speed the healing of her wounds. Funds from Manchester Township, The Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters, Inc., OPCF and OCVH enabled Pearl to get the very best care she needed. Pearl made a complete recovery was adopted by her foster family in January of 2012.

New Beginnings
New Beginnings came to Ocean County Veterinary Hospital with an abandoned 18 month-old-old female Great Dane from West Virginia named Journey. In an attempt to find Journey an adoptive family as quickly as possible, OPCF partnered with New Beginnings and OCVH to perform a laparoscopic spay and gastropexy on her. Using a laparoscope for surgery is a relatively new procedure in dogs and it reduces post-surgical pain and hastens the recovery process. Canine gastropexy is a surgical procedure performed on large breed dogs to prevent "gastric dilatation", commonly known as bloat. Bloat is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach flips over and expands, trapping air and gases in the stomach. Working together, New Beginnings, OPCF and OCVH were able to maximize Journey's chances for adoption and optimize her chances for a long, healthy life.

Feline Friends
Since the year 2000, OCVH and OPCF has partnered with Feline Friends, Inc., and successfully found homes for over 250 abandoned and stray cats and kittens. Each animal is examined regularly by a veterinarian at OCVH and receive all the recommended medical care, vaccinations, blood tests, fecal analysis, worming, and age-appropriate spay or neuter. These felines are boarded, socialized and cared for at OCVH until they are completely healthy. At that time they are displayed in the OCVH waiting room until they are adopted by a loving family.
Updated: September 20, 2019